FrankoTheMango's Gmod Rp Server




The Owner of this server is FrankoTheMango!

Make sure to get our addons we use for the server at

1) No propkilling/propclimbing/propsurfing/propushing/propspam/propblocking/propjumping/proptrapping.
2) Don't be a smartass.
3) No trolling.
4) No asking for points or money.
5) No asking for admin.
6) No advertising.
7) No RDM'ing.
8) Respect all admins.
9) No exploiting bugs.
10) No double fading doors. (E.g having a fading door then another 1 infront of it)
11) No stun stick whoring,door whoring.
12) No spamming chat.
13) No job abuse (Dropping a gun from a class then changing)
14) No breaking NLR New-Life-Rule. (Going back to the same place before 3 minutes or killing someone that killed you)
15) No hacking/cheating to give yourself an advantage over other people (ESP Aimbot,triggerbot etc.)
16) All keypads must be close enough to the door that is linked to that keypad, and enough to notice that it is for that door.
17) No fake keypads.
18) No fading door abuse.
19) Bases completely in the sky are not allowed.
20) You MUST have a keypad on each side of the fading door.
21) No random arresting.
22) No random weapon checking.
23) No random warranting/wanting.
24) No spawning MASSIVE props.
25) No camera spam.
26) No flashlight spam.
27) No FailRP
28) No impersonation.
29) Don't avoid ban,kick,gag.mute etc.
30) No self supply (Going gun dealer then spawning guns and changing job you may only do this if there are no Gun Dealers)
31) No spawning props in other peoples bases.
32) No Punchwhoring.
33) No meta-game.
34) No jihad'ing at spawn.
35) No random raping. Get someone to hire you to rape someone. (Prostitute Job)
36) The hitman MUST type "/advert Hit Accepted" and "/advert Hit Completed."
37) No CDM.
38) You cannot arrest Admin On Duty Co-owner on duty etc.

----Admin Rules

1) Every ban reason must be valid. E.G. !ban Noodelz 60 RDM not like !ban Noodelz 60 Screw you.
2) Your powers are for the welfare of the players and not to give you an unfair advantage.
3) Before you slay for rdm ban etc, ask the individual why they shot who they shot.
4) Punish on what you see, not what you hear. I dont want to have to unban people because an admin messed up.
5) If there is a Superadmin online, you must converse with them before banning someone.
6) Always listen and respect a superior rank.
7) Do NOT kick for "afk", the server will handle that.
8) No abusing what so ever.
9) Do not use commands on other admins/Owners/Players/Co-Owners (Unless they do something naughty) without permission from them.

Owner: FrankoTheMango

If You Didn't Know the ip is

We Are A Dark Rp server that is currently under construction. this is my first gmod server too!